Discover the Calanques seabed


Enjoy a unique experience with your monitor or autonomy within the Calanques National Park


You already have a PADI diving certification, SSI, NAUI, CMAS, ANMP, some of your type of certification, we have pleasure to dive with you.

Diving: it is to relax, get away, spend some time outside of time, enjoy a special moment. To meet its requirements, we offer dives in small groups, we take a maximum of 8 divers although the boat is certified for 23 passengers. We choose the best dive sites, especially those where there will be fewer people to scuba dive, this unique moment he should.

Moreover, dive group reduced divers, this is also the best way to be a responsible diver engaged in sustainable diving, for thus we limit our impact on the environment. Difficult when one is 15-20-30 divers on board, filled as a box of sardines.

For certified divers, we organize simple dives from 8.30 to 12.00 or repetitive dives (Two Tanks Dive, TTD) with one hour surface interval from 8.00 to 13.15. In TTD, is ideal for diving one of the most beautiful dive sites in the Calanques National Park. Departures are directly by boat from the Old Port, in the heart of the city, to visit the archipelago of Friuli, or the Riou Planier Light, and its famous wrecks posed between 6m and 45m fund

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Ballast block, & weight included 

Two tanks dive

Supervised dive 10€
Wetsuits 8€
Regulator 8€
Buoyancy compensator 8€
Fins, Mask, snorkel 6€
Full equipment 1 dive 30€
Full equipment 2 dives 40€

Two successive exploration dives

Ballast block, fins and snorkel included. Pay once complete equipment

Supervised dive +10€ for each dive

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